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Latest Research Findings


Nearly half of Australians open to invitation to church at Christmas

As Christmas approaches, many Christians might want to share this time with their loved ones. Some may feel unsure about how an invitation to church would be received by their family or friends. So, how many Australians, if asked, would attend a church service at Christmas time? The answer according to our research is just under half (45%) would say yes, with another 20% unsure.

600 pastors and teachers learn about church growth, decline and planting

More than 600 church pastors and leaders were present when NCLS Research’s Dr Ruth Powell shared “the good news and the bad news” for the Aussie church revealed by new NCLS Research. The news is not good for churches whose response to major social change is to double down on what hasn't been working for decades. Currently, 7 in 10 local churches are declining, and there are signs that churches are turning inward.

Churchgoer views on the environment

Views and actions of churchgoers and leaders in caring for the environment

Views on climate change

Most churchgoers say climate change is happening and steps should be taken to respond

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Schooling Matters webinar: Watch now

Church attenders' perceptions about Australian schooling

This webinar presents the latest findings and reflections on the views of Christian church attenders on Australian schooling. It explores how schooling matters to churchgoers, what influences choice of schools, the impact of school on their own lives, and their views of spirituality in learning and education. Available for viewing now.

Student Spiritual Life Survey

A survey to understand the spiritual beliefs, attitudes and practices of your students and the impact of your school

Understand the spiritual beliefs, attitudes and practices of your students and the impact of your school activities on their faith. Developed by NCLS Research, this survey is based on more than 30 years of experience in world-class research into faith, church life and spirituality.

Local Community Survey

In 15 minutes see how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs

Would you like to understand your local community better? In 15 minutes you can see how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs.

Church Life Survey

Anytime, any church can order a Church Life Survey!

You can discover valuable insights about your church through a Church Life Survey anytime. It is simple to run, and in only 20 minutes, enables your church to assess your church health, discover and build on your strengths, and determine priorities and future directions.


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