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NCLS Research eNews, Summer 2010

Dear NCLS friends,

This edition of the NCLS e-Newsletter is all about 'the new'. New churches, new innovations, and new people will contribute to helping the Australian church to be healthy and continue to grow and flourish in the years ahead.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming 2011 National Church Life Survey (2011 NCLS). Our new, innovative approach to will build on the strong foundations of 20 years of research while being designed to be more flexible for your church. Denominations and churches will be able to customise the survey in new ways, potentially adding modules for children, young people, and even the wider community.

Enjoy this edition,
the NCLS Research team

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Latest findings from NCLS Research

2011 National Church Life Survey

Resources from NCLS

Latest findings from NCLS Research

Innovation in churches: Australian attender attitudes to new initiatives

An openness to change and a spirit of innovation are part of what is needed to bring about revitalisation and renewal in church life. However, implementing change in church life is not always received well. Find out about how willing attenders say they are to try something new.

The role of innovation in church life and health

Imaginative and flexible innovation is one of the nine Core Qualities of vital churches. That is, healthy and effective churches are open and willing to try new things. What is the relationship between the Core Quality of innovation and other Core Qualities of vital churches? NCLS Research has studied the links using information from congregations in four countries: Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand.

Innovation needed: Challenges to religious vitality

Christian churches in many Western nations face a variety of challenges to health and vitality. A decline in religious affiliation and in overall church attendance, as well as missing younger generations of church attenders are indicators of these challenges and point to the need for revitalisation and innovation.

An Australian church for all nations

With an increasingly ethnically diverse population in Australia, it’s important to see how this is being reflected in the life of the Australian church, and how the church can ensure it is a church for people of all nations.

2011 National Church Life Survey

Innovative research: The 2011 National Church Life Survey

We are excited to announce that we will be building on the strong foundations of 20 years of research across the Australian Church with the 2011 National Church Life Survey (NCLS). The 2011 survey is being designed to be more flexible than ever before so that it can be customised to more effectively resource the needs of your local church, parish, school or denomination. As the largest church survey in the world, participating in the 2011 NCLS is an opportunity for leaders and churches to be part of something significant.

Resources from NCLS Research

Develop your leadership potential with a Lead With Your Strengths Kit

The Lead With Your Strengths Kit offers an integrated appraisal process to identify and develop leadership strengths. Designed for individuals and teams, the Kit comprises a book, booklet and workbook and is used in conjunction with an online appraisal survey. Available now.

Connect with your local community with a ‘Community Connections Pack’

Introducing the Community Connections Pack to help churches understand and connect with people in their local community. See what is distinctive about your community and what has changed over time.
Including a Community Social Profile, Guide and Workbook, the Pack is uniquely created for each church, showing their particular community, and gives practical processes for strengthening connections in ministry and mission. Available now.

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