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LWYS Workbook

This Lead With Your Strengths Workbook offers a leadership strengths appraisal process.

It can help you develop your leadership, and that of others in your group or organisation.

It provides an integrated appraisal process to identify and grow your unique leadership strengths for sustainable and effective leadership.

It can be used by a team to map a whole team’s strengths and determine what strengths are needed for a specific project or situation.

Practical assessment tools for use by individuals and teams

Worksheets guide you through the appraisal process, including a self appraisal, peer appraisal and survey appraisal, to determine your leadership strengths.

A team mapping section allows a team to map their strengths.

Part of the Lead With Your Strengths Kit

This Workbook is part of the Lead With Your Strengths Kit, which also includes the Lead With Your Strengths book, booklet and online leadership strengths appraisal.

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