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You may or may not see yourself as a leader, but you CAN exercise leadership..

This Lead With Your Strengths book explores the kind of leadership that can make a positive difference to building stronger churches, groups, workplaces or communities.

Drawing on extensive research by NCLS Research it outlines a range of leadership strengths and personal foundations that foster sustainable and effective leadership.

It offers a way of thinking about leadership as a collection of strengths, brought together in teams, in a way that creates a culture of empowerment and shared direction.

This is a “must read” for people exercising leadership in any context:
  • whether or not they have formal responsibilities or roles
  • when growing leadership potential of a group or individual
  • in developing a shared vision
  • when working for change or developing new initiatives

Along with the Lead With Your Strengths booklet, workbook and online leadership strengths appraisal, this book is for anyone interested in growing their leadership and making a positive difference.

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