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Understanding the 12 NCLS Leadership Strengths is something that will benefit all involved in the ministries of the church. Knowing your leadership strengths can help you to identify your areas of ability, passion and energy. Harnessing your strengths can help to inform areas of growth, as well as to build complementary leadership teams.

To assist both individuals and teams, NCLS Research has developed worksheets, workshops and appraisal processes about the leadership strengths – what they mean and how to assess and develop them.

Worksheets and Appraisal Processes

Several worksheets and appraisal processes are available in the NCLS Leadership Strengths Appraisal Workbook. They assist a leader to perform a personal appraisal of their strengths, gain a peer appraisal and compare these results with their survey diagnostic appraisal.

A team can also map their combined leadership strengths and match strengths to particular projects.

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The workshops are of varying length, and range from giving an overview of the leadership strengths all the way through to engaging deeply with them and the Appraisal Process both individually and as a team. Each workshop is designed to run for two hours.


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Additional handout explaining the 12 leadership strengths
Powerpoint presentation
A simple introduction to the complete leadership strengths processes.
Opens up the leadership strengths and takes people through the appraisal process.
Designed for a leadership team to map their strengths together.

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