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Leadership Strength Appraisal Process

NCLS Research has devised a four stage appraisal process to assist leaders to discern which four leadership strengths are their strongest.

The Appraisal Process is explained fully in the Lead With Your Strengths Workbook (order here). The Workbook also contains nine simple single page worksheets that guide leaders through each step of the process of discernment. One part of this process of discernment is the online leadership survey.

Step 1: Personal Appraisal

Leaders study the twelve leadership strengths and assess each of these strengths in the light of their own gifts, training and experience.
On Worksheet 1 they mark whether each leadership strength is one they are strong in or not.
This process will highlight a handful of strengths that each leader is confident they bring to their role.

Step 2: Online Survey Appraisal

NCLS Research has developed a web based survey for leaders.
Leaders fill out the Survey online to receive instant feedback showing the survey’s appraisal of their four strongest leadership strengths.

Step 3: Peer Appraisal

Leaders choose a person who is familiar with their leadership, someone they feel comfortable with in discussing these things and whose opinion they trust. The peer becomes familiar with the twelve leadership strengths and using Worksheet 3 assesses which ones they see as being the leader’s main strengths.

Step 4: Team Appraisal

The members of a leadership team all become familiar with the twelve leadership strengths and each team member offers an appraisal to each other team member of the leadership strengths they bring to the team.


Naming your leadership strengths

Bringing these four appraisals together in Worksheet 6 the leader makes an informed assessment as to which are their main leadership strengths.

The Workbook also contains a Team Strengths Mapping exercise, as well as a process for discerning what leadership strengths are needed by the community in these times - order copies of the Workbook here.

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