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Community Connections Workbook for churches

Community Connections Workbook

This Workbook is a comprehensive easy to use planning tool for churches. It helps church leadership work through their Community Social Profile, applying the information to their church's own situation, it's own neighbourhood, it's own hopes and concerns, its own particular mix of gifts and aspirations.

Six simple Worksheets will guide people through understanding more about their community, how the church does or might connect with the community, reviewing ministry, preparing a report and so on.

Workshop sessions are designed to lead a church step by step to make plans for more effective connections with its community and to implement them.

Three Community Surveys with guidelines will help a church sensitively come to know their community much more deeply. Using these surveys, and informed by the responsible and ethical guidelines in the Workbook, churches can canvass the people of their community. The three types of surveys offered are for canvassing community leaders, interviewing community members and surveying a wide section of the community.

The Community Connections Workbook for churches is included in any Community Connections Pack. Additional copies are also available for $8.80 each plus postage. Contact the NCLS Research office

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