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Community Connections Pack for Churches

Helping your church to connect with your community

Community Connections Pack

The Community Connections Pack has been specially prepared for churches. It contains a social profile of your community based on national Census information.  

It is uniquely designed to include the people living in the local community around your church building.  You can nominate an address to customise it to any area you wish.

Purchase or Return Offer to Churches

The Community Connection Pack is sent to Australian churches on a five-yearly basis. In 2014, these packs will be made available to every church in denominations that participated in the 2011 National Church Life Survey, on a sale or return basis.

A full Pack costs $220 and includes a printed paper copy of the Community Social Profile, Workbook and Guide, as well as soft copy pdfs of each item online.

A soft copy Pack costs $180 and includes a soft copy pdf of the CSP, Workbook and Guide.

Churches can choose to purchase and keep the Pack, or simply return the Pack to NCLS Research, at no cost to the church.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Purchase or Return Offer.

Bulk Purchases by Denominations

Some denominations have purchased or subsidised the Community Connections Packs for their churches.

Churches whose denominations have purchased the Pack on their behalf, will receive their Pack in the mail, cost free. Their cover letter will state "Yours to Keep- This Pack was organised for your church by [your denominational group]".

Read 'About the Community Connections Pack' for Bulk Purchased Packs.

General Orders

If your church has not received a 'Purchase or Return' Pack or a 'Bulk Purchased' Pack by the end of August 2014, you can now order a Community Connections Pack for Churches Online.

Alternatively, you are welcome to email with an expression of interest to purchase a Pack.

Community Social Profiles for other organisations
(non church)

Organisations apart from churches are able to purchase a Community Social Profile, on request, at a non-subsidised rate. You are welcome to email with an expression of interest to purchase a CSP.

What's inside the Pack?

The Community Connections Pack contains these main items:

Every church is situated in a particular neighbourhood. For the church to connect with the community in which it's located, it needs to know that community. Most churches already feel they know their community, and the Community Connections Pack will supplement that knowledge, providing the confidence of certainty about some things and the challenge of surprise in others.

With practical resources and tips for ministry use, these resources can help churches to take steps of action and strengthen their relationships and connections to the wider community.

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