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CSP Part A: Summary Overview

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The Summary Overview is the first section of the Community Social Profile that contains data specific to your neighbourhood .

It provides an overview of your community, a quick glance that shows the data for 12 key community indicators concerning population, education, families, housing, religion and so on.

It outlines what people in your community tend to be like. It provides specially designed charts that show how your community has changed over the last five years, and how your community is distinctive compared to the rest of Australia.

This six page overview gives you enough to begin planning more effective connections with your community.

A Selection of Key Indicators

Six Categories: Your Community Social Profile presents information under six categories: Population Structure; Education; Employment and Income; Households and Families; Housing; and Culture and Religion.

Twelve Indicators: From these six categories, NCLS Research has selected a set of twelve demographic indicators: two for each category. These indicators have been chosen because they offer a range of perspectives on community life and because they have comparable ABS information for 2001 and 2006. More detailed information can be found in the Detailed Review.

1. Aged 0 to 9: Persons 0 to 9 years
2. Aged 80 plus: Persons 80 years and over
3. University qualified: Persons with a university qualification
4. In secondary school: Persons currently enrolled in secondary school
5. Persons employed: Persons employed aged 15 years and over
6. Income under $500: Gross family income under $500 per week
7. Living alone: Lone person households
8. Young families: Families with child(ren) under 15
9. Home owners: Dwellings fully owned or being purchased
10. At same address: Persons at same address five years ago
11. Born NESC: Persons born in non-English speaking countries
12. Christian affiliation: Persons affiliated with the Christian religion

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