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Balance and Boundaries

Sustainable leadership requires us not to seek to be messiahs but to set careful boundaries between work and the rest of life. A balanced life allows us to grow and be realistic about what we can do.

Our research suggests higher emotional exhaustion is evident where leaders become overly busy. Around half of all leaders have difficulty finding time for recreation. A similar percentage (44%) acknowledge that they do not take holidays and days off as they should. Examination of levels of emotional exhaustion suggests these leaders experience significantly higher levels of emotional exhaustion. On the other hand leaders who take time out and engage in other activities tend to be less predisposed to emotional exhaustion. Those leaders, for instance, who regularly go to musical events or sporting activities have lower average levels of emotional exhaustion.

Caught in the crossfire of conflicting demands and expectations, limited resources and huge hopes, we need clear and appropriate boundaries. How we live our lives must nurture our own souls as well as those around us. Discipline in these areas is important for our long-term wellbeing, particularly if we are involved in challenging or difficult situations.

Saying ‘yes’ to one thing may mean saying ’no’ to something else. Only God is infinite - we are all limited, and knowing our limits is the place to start. Discipline in time management is important for our long term wellbeing.

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