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An NCLS Admin Key is provided to churches who purchase a Church Life Survey or Community Connections Pack to enable online access to Profiles and administrative tools.


If this is your first time using your Admin Key, please ‘Register’. You will be asked to create a Login Username and Password and then enter your Admin Key. On future visits to the NCLS website you will only need to login. You do not need to enter the Admin Key each time.


Your church's Admin Key can be found on page 2 of the covering letter in your Community Connections Pack or Church Life Pack. It is also under the flap of your Church Life Pack folder. 
If you cannot locate your church's Admin Key please contact the NCLS Research office on 02 9701 4479.
Keep your Admin Key in a secure place, for use by an approved church leader or administrator.


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Access pdf copies of your CSP, Workbook and Guide online.

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Get your Profile Number to view your results from Church Life Surveys. See more Profiles, such as the Extended Profile.

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Help us to support you effectively by ensuring that we have the correct contact details for your church.

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Update your church’s results

Your church can do a follow-up Church Life Survey at a time that suits you. This practical evaluation tool gives you an updated Profile to help you check your health and vitality over time.

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