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Resolve: Maintain Resolve Through Challenges

Strength 11 of the 12 Leadership Strengths
(refer pages 125-129 of Lead with your Strengths)

To Maintain Resolve

Leaders are often drawn into spending more and more time on what is 'urgent' and less time on what is 'important'. It is often easier to keep busy with the detail of the journey and put off having to deal with more important questions of direction. There will always be pressures and loud insistent voices seeking to blow the community off course.

As it moves into action the community needs its leadership to maintain resolve. Leaders who do so demonstrate persistence and determination. They keep in mind what the community hopes to achieve, and why. Having a clear sense of purpose provides them with a compass to keep the community on course, particularly when things get difficult - as they inevitably will – and to make effective decisions about what to do.

Leaders face many competing demands and, as a community moves forward out of its comfort zone, they are buffeted from all sides by people’s concerns and anxieties. At such times leaders need to be the 'holders of the vision', reminding the community where they are going and why. When things get difficult, leaders with a clear sense of purpose generate confidence in others, replacing their concerns with determination and their anxieties with hope.

Developing this strength:

  • accept the responsibility that comes with making decisions
  • model clarity of purpose
  • discern the moment to turn words into action
  • refer to the vision frequently while on the journey to avoid being diverted
  • be prepared to close down options in order to stay on track
  • be prepared to adjust the way forward in the light of new realities
  • embrace difficult issues rather than retreat from them
  • state clearly and often where the community is up to at each stage of the journey

Maintain resolve - being determined to stay on course when things get difficult, and in the face of competing demands.

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