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Communicate: Develop Reliable Communication

Strength 8 of the 12 Leadership Strengths
(refer pages 104-109 of Lead with your Strengths)

To Develop Reliable Communication

Leaders with this strength develop reliable communication at all levels, through formal and informal channels, in meetings, gatherings and in one-on-one conversations.

Through clear and reliable communication, leaders help create an environment of trust, of openness and of mutual respect where all feel confident to contribute to the planning and the activities. People feel valued and encouraged to move forward together, and in this way leaders encourage participation by the whole community.

These leaders will encourage such qualities among others and will model it themselves. People need to know that what is said is what is meant. Difficult issues must be dealt with openly and with integrity - above the table rather than under it. They guard against a culture of secrecy, knowing that such a whispered environment kills participatory communities.

Developing this strength:

  • provide information to people as early as possible
  • develop different forms of information flow because people take it in differently
  • establish varying forums of dialogue
  • check how others will hear what is being communicated
  • give honest and open answers and assessments
  • develop a culture of reliable communication in the community

Develop reliable communication - helping create a nurturing environment of trust and respect in which people feel confident to contribute.

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