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Structure: Create Clear Positive Structures

Strength 7 of the 12 Leadership Strengths
(refer pages 99-103 of Lead with your Strengths)

To Create Clear Positive Structures

When leaders create clear positive structures, people can see how things operate, they know what is expected of them and how they can contribute. They feel valued and affirmed in their involvement and will have the confidence to entertain change.

When a group is negotiating times of change and growth, they need a balance between risk and stability. If they have clearly stated directions and guidelines, along with trustable systems that are easily understood, then they will be more inclined to step out towards new realities.

Healthy churches need to be managed well, just as they need to be lead well. Developing new directions must be underpinned by effective day-to-day management.

Good positive systems make empowering others so much easier. They are also likely to result in higher levels of ministry satisfaction for leaders and lower levels of emotional exhaustion and burnout.

Developing this strength:

  • ensure everybody knows what is expected of them
  • establish clear boundaries
  • create inclusive, transparent processes
  • make systems simple, predictable and intuitive
  • provide timely and constructive feedback
  • give honest and open answers and assessments
  • spread information widely
  • always be thankful and encouraging
  • develop a culture of consulting, delegating and collaborating

Create clear, positive structures - where people know how things operate and what is expected of them.

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