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Empower: Empower People to Contribute

Strength 6 of the 12 Leadership Strengths
(refer pages 90-95 of Lead with your Strengths)

To Empower People to Contribute

Leaders who exercise this strength put a priority on releasing the potential of others - harnessing the energy and contributions of as many people as possible and making room for them to contribute in a meaningful way. In organisations with limited resources, it makes a difference when leadership draws out the energies and gifts of the people. It particularly matters when the focus is on empowering those who are on the edges. Everybody is needed and has something to contribute, every single person.

Leadership that empowers people to contribute knows that people need to find their place in the journey to a new destination. So these leaders draw out people’s gifts, help them develop those gifts, release them and give them the opportunity to use those gifts.

Leadership that empowers people to use their gifts for the community - leadership that shares its power - does not see its own power or authority diminished, rather it finds that its authority and respect are enhanced.

And as people are empowered they will grow in confidence, self worth and clarity about their own calling. Ownership and commitment to shared directions will come as people discover their place within the bigger picture, finding their place in what is happening and making their contributions.

Developing this strength:

  • encourage everyone to contribute, calling on all the community’s gifts
  • know the community well, their gifts and their readiness
  • mentor and support people to make a difference
  • value people’s contribution over the results they achieve, and encourage them when they fail or fall short
  • let go and create space for others to move in and contribute
  • promote collaboration always
  • be encouraged and inspired by people’s ideas and efforts
  • trust in God and the community that strives towards the kingdom

Empower people to contribute - helping people use their gifts meaningfully for the community and to find their place within the overall plan.

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