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Action: Move to Action

Strength 10 of the 12 Leadership Strengths
(refer pages 119-124 of Lead with your Strengths)

To Move to Action

Leaders with this strength are able to discern when the moment has come to act, and they have the courage to step out and lead the group into a new place. They have the capacity to make things happen, to say ‘Yes’ when the moment has come, to act even though it may be risky.

They know when the community is ready to move forward, and they know when it may be necessary to seize the moment, even if the community is not yet ready.

Leaders with this strength will spend valuable time and effort preparing the community, consulting and collaborating on the issues, so that when the time comes to move to action the community is prepared to set out on the journey together, confident in the way forward and in the leadership.

Developing this strength:

  • be prepared for when the moment for action arrives, with key people ready and eager to move even if there’s still more to discuss and plan
  • develop a solid basis of trust
  • check who is ‘around the table’ and draw in those who are missing
  • reflect on your motivations and resist the temptation to manipulate others
  • work with motivations and passions rather than needs and fears
  • celebrate early wins and build confidence

Move to action - knowing the moment to step out and give something a go, even though it may feel risky.

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