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Leadership is not stress-free, and self-care is important to guard against burnout and emotional exhaustion. NCLS findings point to six Personal Foundations important in sustaining leaders over the long-haul, particularly when pressures mount or things get difficult. Leaders are encouraged to continually develop all six Personal Foundations.


Spiritual Foundations

At the deepest level our spiritual foundations help us to know our identity in God, understand our place in the world, give us meaning and provide a solid base and strength to keep going.


Clarity of Purpose

A clear sense of purpose really matters, significant for our wellbeing, our life and leadership.


Sense of Self

Effective and sustainable leadership requires self-knowledge. We need to know our strengths and motivations well. We need to operate out of a sense of self rather being overly dependent on affirmation from others or the authority of our position.



Living an authentic life with integrity is an important foundation for effective leadership. Leaders need to model the values they believe are important.


Supportive Relationships

Strong supportive relationships, at work and in life, are critical to maintaining effective and sustainable leadership and personal well-being.


Balance and Boundaries

Sustainable leadership requires us not to seek to be messiahs but to set careful boundaries between work and the rest of life. A balanced life allows us to grow and be realistic about what we can do.

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