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Local church results from the National Church Life Survey have been released.

Full Church Life Profiles are out now!


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Australian Wellbeing, Resilience and Spirituality

After three tough years, what's changed and what helps

Following the past three years of fire, flood and pandemic, we check in on how Australians are really doing. What do we have left in the tank? Have we run out of reserves or are we raring with resilience? And what difference does spirituality make when the going gets tough?

This webinar explores Australians’ levels of wellbeing and resilience, as well as the spiritual practices and beliefs they turn to in times of crisis.

Findings are based on the results from the latest Australian Community Survey by NCLS Research.


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Church Life Pack

Church Life Packs have been mailed to participating churches

After completion of the 2021 NCLS, participating churches receive a Church Life Pack of resources, both online and in hard copy. The Pack includes their survey results and practical tools to help churches to strengthen their vitality and inform their directions for the future.

Workshop: Make the Most of Your Survey Results

Two sessions to choose from on 20 April: Free webinar workshop on your 2021 NCLS results and resources

So your church completed the National Church Life Survey and you want to know more? This free 1 hour webinar guides you through your Church Life Profile of results, with insights and tips for exploring your results and using them to inform your ministry. As well, discover our latest findings on church health and effective leadership in a COVID impacted world.

After the Survey

Evaluate, communicate and act on your results

After completing a Church Life Survey, we encourage churches to make the most of their survey results. We recommend you take 3 steps: Evaluate, Communicate and Act.

Church Life Profile

Churches that complete a Church Life Survey will receive a Church Life Profile of their survey results.

The Church Life Profile is a 28 to 36 page colour report that shows the survey responses of their church attenders, in 9 core qualities of church life.


Latest Research Findings


Does age and background affect commitment to vision?

Were young people more ready to embrace the church’s direction or were mature attenders more likely to affirm and follow the direction of the church? What about newcomers? How well do they catch hold of a church’s vision?

Are churchgoers on board with their church’s vision?

In 2021, NCLS Research asked church attenders whether their church had a clear vision, goals or direction for its ministry and mission, and if they were committed to that vision.

How well do leaders embrace their church’s vision?

It’s one thing to consider how church attenders understand and commit to the vision of their local churches, but what about the leaders? Do church leaders understand and embrace their church’s vision?

Australians' Views of Jesus and the Church

FREE for a limited time! What do Australians think about Jesus, and the Christian church? Discover our research findings about Australians' religious service attendance, religious beliefs and attitudes about religion and Christian churches. There is evidence of significant differences between age groups, with younger and older Australians sharing more in common than those in their middle years. Results from the 2021 Australian Community Survey, by NCLS Research.


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