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2021 NCLS Summary Profiles out now

First results for churches who took part in the 2021 NCLS

The first release of results is available for participating churches from April 2022. The Summary Profile contains highlights of a church's survey results. Local churches can view their Summary Profile using their Profile Number online.

View our Webinar: Who's in the Pews?

Who really goes to church today.. and what that means for ministry and mission. Watch now.

This free webinar will present the latest demographic picture of Australian churchgoers. It is the first release of findings from the 2021 NCLS, so don't miss out! Considering the disruption to church life over the last few years, gaining an accurate picture of who really goes to church today will inform every church leader in a COVID changed world.

Webinar: Make the Most of Your Survey Results (Nov)

Choose from 4 sessions in November for a practical workshop on your 2021 NCLS results

This free 1 hour webinar guides you through your Church Life Profile of results, and accompanying Church Life Pack of resources. It provides insights and tips for exploring your results and using them to inform your ministry and mission. Useful for individual church leaders or teams.

Webinar: How healthy are Australian churches? (27 Oct)

The reality and experience of church life today

A snapshot of the reality and experience of church life in Australia, based on the results from the latest National Church Life Survey. Thousands of churches across the country have contributed to this comprehensive picture of church health and vitality. How has COVID-19 affected church life? What are the latest trends in health and vitality? Join this free webinar to find out.


First results from the 2021 NCLS have been released to churches.

Summary Profiles are out now!


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Research Findings


View our Webinar: What Australians really think about Jesus and the church today

Did Jesus exist? What do Australians think? View our free webinar to gain in-depth insights about the views of Australians on Jesus and the Christian Church, from our latest 2021 Australian Community Survey. Dr Ruth Powell, keynote speaker, shares latest results from the Australian Community Survey while Karl Faase provides his reflections on the implications of these findings for ministry and mission.

Churchgoers prioritise community

Building a strong sense of community comes first for churchgoers when asked what their local churches should prioritise in the next 12 months. Spiritual growth is also a vital priority across different denominational traditions.

What roles should churches play in society?

Depending on who you speak with, the church’s impact on society is either good, bad, or somewhere in the middle.  The team at NCLS Research regularly explore what Australians think about religion and the role of religious organisations in society, including churches. We also ask Australians for their opinions on what kinds of things churches should be doing in the community.

What attenders value about church

In the life of their local church, some church attenders value the sacraments most highly, others value the spoken Word. Differences by faith tradition and denomination are clear.


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