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Spiritual Beliefs and Practices

For most Australians religion or spirituality is important. Find out what they believe about conventional Christian beliefs such as God, Jesus, life after death, heaven and hell.

As well as exploring practices of prayer & meditation, other beliefs such as reincarnation, and alternative expressions of spirituality are also explored.

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Fast Facts

  • Two-thirds of Australians claim that a spiritual life is important to them
  • Most Australians believe in God or a spirit, higher power or life-force (74%)
  • 35% believe in a personal God
  • 42% believe Jesus was divine
  • 43% believe that Jesus' resurrection was an actual historical event
  • 53% believe in heaven
  • 33% believe in the devil
  • 32% believe in hell
  • 33% pray or meditate at least weekly.
From the Australian Community Survey

NCLS findings on Spiritual Beliefs and Practices

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The nature of Australian spirituality can be explored from the viewpoint of religious beliefs.
Finding God: mum's the word (Bible and theory article)
Mothers have played a big role when it comes to showing kids what faith is all about
To what extent is a willingness to develop one’s spirituality related to higher levels of wellbeing?
Religion good for wellbeing (Research Article)
People with a secular outlook have lower levels of wellbeing than those with a spiritual orientation

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