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Church leaders usually enter full-time ministry with a strong sense of vision and call. However, giving leadership can be stressful, even when things are going well! Yet, there is much that leaders can do to prevent occupational stress turning into burnout.

Why not try the Burnout Test and then find out more about sustainable leadership.

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Some factors associated with higher burnout score:
  • Leaders who disagree with their congregations about their role
  • Congregations with struggling finances
  • If leaders have difficulty finding suitable people to fill roles
  • Congregations that do not have a clear vision or feel they need to rethink the future
  • where there is conflict or low levels of belonging
  • when leaders feel they have no one to confide in

To help reduce the risk of burnout, leaders can:

  • Look after their physical health, eat well and make time for regular exercise
  • Develop and maintain strong, healthy relationships
  • Nurture and enjoy family relationships with appropriate boundaries
  • Nurture their faith and relationship with God

NCLS Research Findings About Sustainable Leadership

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