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NCLS Research represents an immense cooperative research venture designed to resource congregations for mission. Projects include:

NCLS 2001 was held in May 2001. Over 435 000 church attenders in more than 7000 congregations from 19 Catholic, Anglican and Protestant denominations took part.

NCLS 2001 was conducted as part of an international partnership concerned about the mission of the church into the new millennium. These partners come from four countries - Australia, the USA, England and New Zealand - and are connected with many of the major denominations around the world.

324,000 attenders from 6900 congregations in 20 Anglican and Protestant denominations. Worked in partnerships with the Catholic Church in Australia and the churches in New Zealand.

1991 involved 312 000 attenders from 6700 congregations in 19 Anglican and Protestant denominations in Australia.

The 1998 Australian Community Survey of 8,500 Australians from diverse regions across Australia. This is a survey of the wider community values, religiosity and image of the church in the 1990's. Conducted in co-operation with Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

In Australia a national census takes place every five years. Since 1986, NCLS Research has gained access to Australia-wide census data to provide Community Profiles to assist congregations make better connections.

NCLS Research has conducted a survey on well-being and security. This is in co-operation with Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia and ANGLICARE, Diocese of Sydney.

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