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NCLS Research results are regularly circulated in papers and publications.  Here we share these results in a range of Research Papers produced by NCLS Research.

NCLS Research examines leadership and organisational effectiveness in local churches and denominations. The research maps the intersection between churches and communities and examines the psychology of religion and positive psychology in church life. Also investigated are those who goes to church and minority populations in church life. Trends in church life are tracked over time.

Welcome to our library of Research Papers. These Papers are based on National Church Life Surveys held since 1991 as well as a range of surveys of Australian communities, including the National Census of Population and Housing.

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This is a collection of publications that use data from the 2011 National Church Life Survey.The collection includes research reports, fact sheets, academic papers, book chapters, workbooks and more across a wide range of research areas.
With new churches established across the country each year, church planting appears to be well in Australia.Uses 2011 and 2006 NCLS data to explore if these newer churches or ‘church plants’ differ from older churches in terms of health and vitality
This paper compares the health of mono-cultural Anglo, mono-cultural non-Anglo and multicultural churches in terms of NCLS's core qualities of church vitality and several church attendance measures.
What environmental actions do church attenders take?
What environmental activities do local churches do?
How do churches foster a vision for ministry/mission?
This paper maps new initiatives in Protestant churches

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