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Welcome to our library of books. These books and book chapters, produced by NCLS Research, are based on National Church Life Surveys conducted since 1991, as well as surveys of Australian communities.

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View full list of academic publications including book chapters

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Spirit Matters presents the results of unique research into how Australians make sense of life.
Making a difference wherever you are. Available for $15.00.
A guide to results from surveys for local churces. Available for $15.00.
Practical research & hands-on experience about how to strengthen communities. Available for $39.95
Enriching Church Life - A Practical Guide For Local Churches. Available for $35 or $40 with DVD.
A Passion for Evangelism - for church leaders who want to ignite this passion in peoples' hearts Available for $19.95
This paper describes values most strongly affirmed by Australians and defines 4 values orientations Available for $11.00
This book provides the social and religious characteristics of 14 population groups Available for $15.00
This guidebook helps you navigate your way through the 2001 Community Social Profiles Available for $12.00
This book gives a unique perspective of the churches through the eyes of those who do not go

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