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Formed in 1990, NCLS Research has been a catalyst for creative mission through credible research and life-giving resources.
We believe in research that informs practice, to nurture signs of life in the church and its leadership and to encourage the wider community to reflect on their spirituality and the churches place within it.
NCLS Research focuses on these areas: Who Goes to Church, Healthy Churches, Leadership, Spirituality and Wider Community & Wellbeing.

Interested in taking part in future research projects with NCLS Research?

Research topics may include the faith of children and youth, wellbeing, leadership and more. Contact the NCLS Research office with your name, email and postal address. NCLS Research, PO Box 968, North Sydney, NSW 2059. P: + 61 2 9701 4479 E:

NEW PROJECT in 2017 and beyond: 'How do children keep the faith?' An opportunity for you and your child to contribute to future ground-breaking research on child spirituality. How do children and youth understand their spirituality? How does their faith develop and change as they grow towards adulthood? Find out more

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