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NCLS Research actively listens to the voices of the Australian community and seeks to understand changing patterns in spirituality, wellbeing and community life. 

Research Projects about the Community

National Census

In Australia a national census takes place every five years. Since 1986, NCLS Research has gained access to Australia-wide census data to provide Community Profiles to assist congregations make better connections.

Churches as Social Capital 2008-2010

Working in co-operation with the University of Western Sydney, this project will contribute to strengthening Australia's social and economic fabric by providing an understanding of key concepts of social capital and how social capital can transform small congregational and community activities into wider benefits for the welfare and wellbeing of Australians.

Well-being and Security 2003

NCLS Research has conducted a survey on well-being and security. This is in co-operation with Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia and ANGLICARE, Diocese of Sydney. This project was funded by an ARC SPIRT grant for three years.

Australian Community Survey 1998

The 1998 Australian Community Survey of 8,500 Australians from diverse regions across Australia. This is a survey of the wider community values, religiosity and image of the church in the 1990's. Conducted in co-operation with Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

Resources about Your Community

Your Community Social Profile (CSP)

The NCLS Community Social Profile provides you with a unique picture of your local community, with national comparisons and change over time. It is an easy to understand colour report, with maps, graphs and tables of your local area. You specify the street address and nominate a radius of area to be covered. It is available for churches as well as non-church community organisations.

Community Social Profile Guide (CSP) CSP Guide

The Guide outlines national social trends and is a companion to the Community Social Profile.

Building Stronger Communities

Building Stronger Communities

Based on recent Australian research, as well as years of practical experience by the authors in working with different types of communities, Building Stronger Communities was published in 2007. It is a very readable book that examines in a lucid and practical way, means by which communities can be strengthened. The result of a partnership between Edith Cowan University and NCLS Research, this resource is available with Study Guide.

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