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conflict resolution

conflict resolution
Ref: CSF06A, First published: 1997, Book title: Shaping a future, Author: NCLS, Publisher: Open Book

© Chris Morgan, CX Media

Chris Morgan has made an invaluable contribution to NCLS with his cartoons over many years. He is very happy to encourage the use of the cartoons more widely.

Chris is the legal owner of these cartoons and in some cases asks for a small contribution for their use. He chooses to trust users and suggests a range of license fees. We strongly encourage you to sign up for a suitable licence before viewing his cartoons.

This cartoon has a free Licence for Personal use (low resolution). A higher resolution copy is available with the following licences:
Normal:$5 - Small distribution (<500), local area, non-profit, non-retail. Go to conflict resolution - Hi Res
Special:$20 - Medium distribution (<5000), regional, non-profit. Go to conflict resolution - Hi Res
Very Special:POA - Medium to high distribution, national, retail. Contact Chris Morgan.

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Please click the link below to download.

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