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Latest Research Findings


What types of social services do local churches provide?

We asked local churches about social services or social action activities they had provided or run. Results show that churches provide a wide range of services. Most common are visitation and emergency relief, as well as chaplaincy and counselling services.

How churchgoers are impacting communities

Some 46% of Australian church attenders (across 20+ denominations) participate in community groups that aren’t connected with their churches, according to the 2021 National Church Life Survey. When we look at groups focussed on community service, care and welfare, we find 27% of attenders are involved in church-based ministries and 22% are involved in community groups not connected to their local church.

To what extent are Australians involved in civic action?

Just over 1 in 3 Australians (36%) reported participating in civic action of some kind in 2022. Signing petitions and contacting an MP are the most common civic actions, performed by 30% of Australians followed by around 10% who boycott a product or company, or attend a protest march or demonstration.

How altruistic are Australians?

It seems, amongst Australians and especially amongst church attenders, altruism lives on. In the National Church Life Survey in 2021-2022, 90% of Australian church attenders said they had informally helped others in the past year. Similar but slightly lower rates of helping were found in wider Australian society, with 83% of Australians reporting they helped others in the previous year.

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Australian Wellbeing, Resilience and Spirituality

After three tough years, what's changed and what helps

Following the past three years of fire, flood and pandemic, we check in on how Australians are really doing. What do we have left in the tank? Have we run out of reserves or are we raring with resilience? And what difference does spirituality make when the going gets tough?

This webinar explores Australians’ levels of wellbeing and resilience, as well as the spiritual practices and beliefs they turn to in times of crisis.

Findings are based on the results from the latest Australian Community Survey by NCLS Research.


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So your church completed the National Church Life Survey and you want to know more? This free 1 hour webinar guides you through your Church Life Profile of results, with tips for using your results to inform your ministry. As well, discover our latest findings on church health and effective leadership in a COVID impacted world.

After the Survey

Evaluate, communicate and act on your results

After completing a Church Life Survey, we encourage churches to take 3 steps: Evaluate, Communicate and Act. Practical resources and workshop processes are provided to help your church to make the most of your survey results! There's even a free webinar you can view as an individual or use with a team to get you started.

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There are several ways to view and share your Church Life Profile and accompanying resources with others.

Participating churches will receive their Church Life Profile online and in print. They will be advised of the process to sign in to MyNCLS to access their Profile/s and share them with others.

Church Life Survey

Anytime, any church can order a Church Life Survey!

Did you know that you don't have to wait 5 years for the next NCLS to listen to your churchgoers? You can now discover valuable insights about your church through a Church Life Survey anytime. It is simple to run, and in only 20 minutes, enables your church to asses your church health, discover and build on your strengths, and determine priorities and future directions.


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