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Who Goes to Church

In a changing social landscape, what is the place of the churches? Research over time shows how many people go and how this has changed - church size and growth.

Church attenders are people who go to church. A profile of attender demographics shows their age, gender, education and more. Understanding attender beliefs and practices helps explain what motivates them to attend church. Church attender levels of involvement as well as personality are also explored.

Fast Facts

  • Most Australians (71%) have attended at least one religious service or rites-of-passage event in the past 12 months
  • 19% of Australians are frequent church attenders (at least once per month)
    (Well-being 2003
  • Largest denomination - Catholic Church, with 50% of all attenders
    (NCLS 2001)
  • Average congregational size - 60-70 people
    (NCLS 2001)

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