NCLS Research is a world leader in research focused on connecting churches and their communities. Decades of rigorous and thoughtful research has examined wellbeing, spirituality and church health. Our vision is for thriving Christian communities understanding their role and mission within a changing society.


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Is your church ready to try new things?

Our research into church health shows that when attenders are open to innovation, it is positively linked with both numerical church growth and attracting newcomers. So, how do church attenders rate their local church in its openness to new initiatives? Around two thirds of churchgoers say their church is always ready to try something new. However, differences emerge between age groups and those with a leadership role.

Do local church leaders encourage innovation?

In the National Church Life Survey conducted during 2021 and 2022, church attenders were asked whether they agreed that “Leaders here encourage innovation and creative thinking”.  Around 64% of church attenders agree that leaders at their local church encourage this type of creativity.

Do attenders support new initiatives in their churches?

Heathy churches are open to innovation, but will churchgoers actively commit to new approaches and innovations in their church? In terms of a personal investment, nearly eight in 10 church attenders say they will support new initiatives in ministry and mission. 

Would Australians attend church if invited this Easter?

In December 2022, we asked Australians whether they would go to church at Easter, if invited by a close friend or family member, along with their general understandings about Christianity. Results show that four in 10 would go to church at Easter if invited. And around six in 10 Australians are familiar with Christianity to some extent.

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Do you know about a church plant or new gathering?

Share with others in the New Churches Project!

Can you contribute to the New Churches Project which aims to support the Australian Church to invest in new churches or gatherings?

Student Spiritual Life Survey

A survey to understand the spiritual beliefs, attitudes and practices of your students and the impact of your school

Understand the spiritual beliefs, attitudes and practices of your students and the impact of your school activities on their faith. Developed by NCLS Research, this survey is based on more than 30 years of experience in world-class research into faith, church life and spirituality.

Local Community Survey

In 15 minutes see how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs

Would you like to understand your local community better? In 15 minutes you can see how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs.

Church Life Survey

Anytime, any church can order a Church Life Survey!

You can discover valuable insights about your church through a Church Life Survey anytime. It is simple to run, and in only 20 minutes, enables your church to assess your church health, discover and build on your strengths, and determine priorities and future directions.


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