Workshop: Make the most of your survey results

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How to make the most of your NCLS results

A practical workshop to help you make the most of your NCLS results and resources.
Bring your Profile. Bring your team. Act on your survey results and take positive steps into the future of your church!
Discover our latest findings on church health and effective leadership in a COVID impacted world. 


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About the webinar:

So your church completed the National Church Life Survey and you want to know more?

This free 1 hour webinar guides you through your Church Life Profile of results, with insights and tips for exploring your results and using them to inform your ministry.

What is most significant in our church's results? What has changed in our churchgoers' attitudes or experiences since the impact of COVID-19? How do we take steps of action into the future together?

Come along and see how your NCLS results and resources can help your church answer these questions.

Also hear our latest findings on church health and effective leadership in a COVID impacted world.

This FREE webinar will help you to:

  • evaluate your results
  • identify strengths and areas to address
  • respond to your results with a team or group at church, and
  • use your results to form future directions



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Mini Videos available now:


A short series of videos are provided to get you into your results quickly and easily. Explore your Church Life Pack of resources. Walk through your Profile of results. Browse your Workbook and practical processes. Be inspired with new ideas from one church's story.


About the Church Life Pack:

Mini Workshop (3 mins)



About the Church Life Profile:

Mini Workshop (4 mins 45 sec)



About the Church Life Survey Workbook:

Mini Workshop (4 mins 30 sec)



One church's story

How we Make the Most of our Results! (5 mins 30 sec)


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