Is Jesus divine?

A minority of Australians view Jesus as God in human form.

Among Australians who do not think that Jesus was a mythical/fictional character, 26% believe he was/is God in human form, 26% a prophet or spiritual leader, and 20% just a normal human being.

In summary:

Age: Those aged 65 years or older are the most likely age group to consider Jesus to God, while those aged 50-64 are most likely to think of him as a prophet/spiritual leader.

Gender: Men and women do not differ significantly in their beliefs about Jesus.

Education: Those with a university qualification are more likely than others to believe Jesus was/is God.

Religion: Christians who regularly attend church are much more likely than those who don't to believe in the divinity of Jesus.

Spirituality Cluster: Belief in the divinity of Jesus drops markedly with decreasing religiousness.


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